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During my third year of medical school at the University of California, Irvine, College​ of Medicine in 1989, I realized that the traditional 3X5 cards carried by physicians were woefully inadequate especially with the advent of handheld computers. Together with James Jones, MBA, we founded ComputerBooks and produced the first-ever medical software for handheld computers. We chose the Atari Portfolio for our first hardware platform. We offered four different software applications: Physician's Reference I, an interactive program that contains 26 applications used in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, Pharmaceuticals: contains more than 1900 generic and brand-name drugs with adult and pediatric dosing, Drug Interactions: a physician can enter up to 20 different drugs and the computer will instantly display any potential drug interactions, and Patient Management: an early electronic health record or EHR. 

Below are some pictures from the early marketing of ComputerBooks. Initially using the Atari Portfolio, we later partnered with HP with their small DOS-based handheld computer and we were invited to put our software on Apple's Newton Message Pad when it launched in 1993. Despite the innovation and utility of our products, physicians were not ready to adopt this new technology and ComputerBooks closed after three years. Here are some of the slides used in marketing presentations around the country in 1991-1993.


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