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Psychiatric Services


Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation

Includes face to face meeting with patient, also gathering additional information from family, friends, the referral source and careful review of any medical records. Duration: 90 minute interview. Blood tests or other medical tests may be ordered. Usually a working diagnosis is formulated by the end of the interview and an interim treatment plan may be proposed. A report will be sent to the refererring entity.




I am skilled in a number of psychotherapies Including psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy, supportive therapy, mindful meditation, and play therapy for children. I customize each treatment using one or more of the aforementioned therapies. Therapy sessions generally last 50 minutes.



I may recommend psychotropic medications for some patients. This is determined during the Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation. I will discuss the risks, benefits, and side effects of any medication I prescribe. I will also review your current medications and over- the-counter supplements to avoid any potential interactions. Once a dosing strategy has been determined patients only receiving medication(s) are required to be seen at least every three months. Medication Management appointments last approximately 30 minutes.



I provide the coordination and execution of treatment plans where a multi-disciplinary treatment approach is the most effective. Some patients may need physical or occupational therapy. Another may require placement in a residential or long-term care facility. I work with many of the best Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and other ancillary staff.  It is impossible to predict how much time is required for this service.

Competency Evaluations

In patients who’s competency is questionable regarding their ability to make informed decisions regarding healthcare and financial matters, I evaluate the patient and render an opinion as to their competency. This report is then used by lawyers to help the court render a decision as to the competency of the individual. These evaluations can last from 90-120 minutes.

Other Treatments

I have referral resources to a number of therapeutic treatment modalities including EMDR, hypnotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), deep brain stimulation, and Ketamine used for severe suicidal ideation or treatment-resistant depression.

Family/Group Therapies

Family and group psychotherapies are probably the most powerful of all therapy types.  I am trained in both modalities and also have several excellent referral sources in the Orange County Area.



I currently offer telepsychiatry services using Apple's FaceTime as well as the Zoom platform With FaceTime the patient must have access to an iPhone, iPad, Mac Laptop, or iMac computer.  Zoom works on all Apple and Android devices as well as on PC's. Using this technology allows me to communicate face to face but remotely.

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